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Here Is A Quote From WWF's Website:

"The Amazon rainforest plays a critical role in our fight against climate change."

This Is What The President Of The United States Had To Say About The Climate Terror:

"The climate is really hot people. Trust the science.. My wife Kamala (... Unintelligible ... ) crispy forearms!" Joe Biden TBC

And Another Evidence By Boris Johnson One Of The UK's Leading Experts:

"The sun is incomparably vaster and more powerful than any work of man"

And form J Epidemiol Community Health. 2017 Jul;71(7):699-706.doi: 10.1136/jech-2016-208859. Epub 2017 Mar 23.

default 20 mph limits is the solution to increasing public health problems in Wales.

The Gospel of Net Zero GONZ is a majestic vision that symbolizes the global commitment to addressing climate change and achieving a state of "Net Zero". It is essentially a call to action rooted in the recognition that the urgent need to mitigate climate change by reducing emissions to a level where they are balanced by efforts to remove or offset an equivalence and balanced amount of greenhouse gases from the atmosphere of the Earth and beyond.

This corporate gibberish is mostly the product of ChatGpt3.
It should form no part of the surprise, that a Great (Technocratic) narrative would be devoid of any spirit and 100% focused on the physical self. I mean.. "Ja The Wearables, NEIN!" I don't know what I expected? Anyway also, also, Jump Down, Turn Around Pick a Bale Of Cotton. I've edited it as best as I can and continue to play with it. That's what she said! Shama Lama Ding Dong Moan!
It is singularly incapable of spitting out anything remotely funny, ironic or pithy and it certainly won't put out anything remotely angry or beautiful. It is unlikely to do so either given that all the language surrounding the subject is dry, boring, unfunny, sole less, technocratic -et al. It also appears to be limited in it's vocabulary; the subject itself being more a collection of catch phrases and techno-jargon than anything usable in any context other than propaganda. I live in hop that one day ChatGpt3 will produce something at least a little bit good that could remain sans edit, though I'm not holding my breath.
In conclusion: ChatGpt3 has no talent for it's own subject.

ME: "Write the third verse for the "Gospel of Net Zero" whilst praising our lord and saviour Greta Thunberg. The text should have NO POETIC or RHYTHMIC structure and be in the style of the KJV."

CHATGPT: Now in these times, Greta emerges as a guiding light, A fervent advocate, steadfast in her fight. With unwavering dedication, she champions the Earth's plea, A resolute follower of the Gospel, inspiring you and me.
It's like working with an overly tired child. And that's just ME. Was it something I said?

"Behold, I speaketh of those who, in their denial of conspiracy, displayeth a hardened heart. They, in their folly, resort to ad hominem and employeth feeble rhetoric. Yea, they commit the error of slothful induction, turning away from the Shama Lama Ding Dong of undeniable evidence.

They scoff at the wisdom of thousands of experts from every realm. These ignorant souls, in their blindness, embrace the title of morons, for they reject decades of diligent research. Lo, when presented with physical evidence as solid as stone, they utter the words 'Conspiracy Theory.'

They ignorantly dismiss the laws of nature, declaring that which is physically impossible to be naught but a 'Conspiracy Theory.'
Even when those who were present bear witness to the truth, they cry out, 'Conspiracy Theory!'

Verily, they pray unto the GOVERNMENT and the corporations it holds in its grasp, seeking 'NET-ZERO,' as they exhale carbon dioxide, in an offensive assault on mankind.

Yet, lo and behold, they declare it all but 'Conspiracy Theory.'"


Impartiality is the governing experimental principle of how GONZ provides its services. Impartiality means acting Sustainably in its dealings with people and in all business operations. It means decisions are made free from any engagements of influences which could affect the objectivity of decision making.

The Gospel Of Net Zero (GONZ, a company incorporated by Royal CharterPending), GONZ, together with its Group Companies, also offers a broad portfolio of sustanable net zero solutions other than GONZ activity that help businesses worldwide to improve results through Standards-based best practice and sustainabiliy.

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